At AMERICAN Castings we specialize in gray and ductile iron castings.  We are a member of the AMERICAN family of iron and steel manufacturers that together has more than 500 years of manufacturing experience.  The family originated with and was founded as AMERICAN Cast Iron Pipe Company in Birmingham, Alabama, in 1905.

We have a wide range of customers and serve diverse markets such as agriculture, construction, energy, mining, and waterworks with in-depth expertise in each field.  Our proficiency in engineering and metallurgy, rigorous maintenance and reliability practices, and being vigilant about continuous improvement and productivity initiatives help keep our customers with us year after year and enable us to deliver a quality product at a competitive price. 

The AMERICAN Castings facility, located in America’s Heartland, Pryor, Oklahoma, was established in 1974, and acquired by AMERICAN Cast Iron Pipe Company in 2003.  Our facility is located on a 90-acre site with 433,000 square feet under roof. 

We believe in the Golden Rule: “treat others the way you want to be treated” in all matters personal and business.  Honoring this has built our reputation with our customers and enabled us to become one of the top suppliers of iron castings in America.   We are known for our reliability, value, and quality…on American soil!

AMERICAN Cast Iron Pipe and it’s family of companies have a unique origin story. Learn more about John Joseph Eagan and his Golden Rule vision in this video.

What Our Clients Say

AMERICAN Castings is a top-notch supplier. Great quality, exceptional communication, and easy to work with. A valuable company supplier we want to grow with.

Commercial Analyst

We use them to support several of our key OEM’s that include Construction, Rail, Agriculture and Oil & Gas markets. I’m confident that you would be very pleased in their performance if you were to select them as a supplier.

Machining Facility

As a casting supplier to Acme Industries for over twelve years, AMERICAN Castings is a strategic supplier to us. We value the relationship we have with them.

Strategic Sourcing Manager