What We Make

We manufacture products to your design specifications. Below are some examples of the castings we make.

CVT Housing

1083 lbs.

Battery Bracket

161 lbs.

Idler Arm

133 lbs.

Slider Frame

427 lbs.

Major Bogie

199 lbs.

Track Frame

526 lbs.

Bearing Adapter

325 lbs.

Exhaust Support

228 lbs.

Swing Tower

375 lbs.

Sprayer Boom Mount

Honorable Mention 2017 Casting of the Year Competition 150 lbs.


414 lbs.

Z Bar Coupler

1,170 lbs.

Lower Housing

232 lbs.

Brake Anchor

625 lbs.

Oil Pan

627 lbs.

Axle Housing

934 lbs.

Axle Knee

337 lbs.

Cable Drum

458 lbs.


996 lbs.

What Our Clients Say

As a casting supplier to Acme Industries for over twelve years, AMERICAN Castings is a strategic supplier to us. We value the relationship we have with them.

Strategic Sourcing Manager

We really feel that our business matters to AMERICAN Castings and they are always there with us to accept challenges. The Supplier demonstrates a strong business attitude and casting expertise with an easy team to work with.

Michelin – Category Sourcing Manager

AMERICAN Castings has been a supplier to our facility for many years. Over the course of our relationship, AMERICAN Castings has consistently scored outstanding on their Supplier Metrics of Quality, Delivery, Cost Competitiveness and Engineering Support.

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