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AMERICAN Casting’s environmental stewardship is consistent with a Golden Rule approach to business
and to being a good neighbor. This means living by environmentally ethical business practices for the sake of
employees, the community, and because this is the right thing to do.



Recycling metal is an integral part of our business.  Our industry is the fourth largest contributor to the recycling manufacturing economy.   We recycle at all phases of our processes including but not limited to:

  • Purchasing recycled content materials and components as feedstock
  • Use and reuse of of a variety of materials within the melting and molding stages
  • Supply secondary markets with usable byproducts
  • Copper is an extremely durable, 100% recyclable metal that does not easily deteriorate in landfills, potentially harming animals’ health and restricting local plant diversity. American Castings utilizes a copper chopper within our plant for electrical waste to recycle this metal.


By working with the local government offices such as the Environmental Protection Agency, foundry sand was classified and allowed to be used as a beneficial fill material. AMERICAN Castings has reduced the amount of sand going to solid waste landfills by approximately 30,000 tons each year since that program that began in 2007.

Working with the Oklahoma department of Mines, AMERICAN Castings has used spent foundry sand to reclaim almost 7.5 acres of land scarred by limestone mining. We are currently working on another project that will save another 75 acres, a former rock quarry, returning it to its natural state.


Since June of 2016, in a joint effort with a recycling partner, approximately 750 gallons of used oil from our plant processes and rolling stock has been recycled each month.


Cardboard that is trashed at the landfill usually breaks down and releases a toxic greenhouse gas known as “methane.” Methane is known to contribute 20% more to global warming than the effects of carbon dioxide.  AMERICAN Castings does their part by recycling their cardboard.


The aggregate of all sustainability efforts results in an overall reduction of greenhouse gasses and air pollution.  Congress established the Title V Operating Permit program as part of the 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments to ensure and enforce facility compliance will all applicable requirements of this Act. AMERICAN Castings has held this permit since 1995 and makes application for renewal every five years, ensuring conformity. Recent initiatives in this area:

  • Emissions result from mold and core sand binders commonly used in the foundry industry. This year, American Castings implemented the use of an alternative binder to be used on our No-Bake mold line resulting in a reduction of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) by 40% to 50%.
  • In 2019, we installed a new automated paint line. Our Therma-Tron-X SST line has reduced our (VOCs) by 121.67 tons per year and eliminated hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) from our paint line completely.


Our company places value on innovation and implementing new technologies that help reduce energy consumption.  We have an Energy Management System and our engineers regulate and monitor our usage and look to find ways to conserve.  We also acquire our electric energy from a energy source/company that places a focus on renewable energy.  Over the last 3 years nearly 1/3 of our power came from renewables including hydro energy and wind.


Disposal of waste, slag and dust, is a consideration for foundries.  Our inline coreless electric induction furnace results in less waste (1% of the melt rate) in volume than a standard cupola at (5% of the melt rate). 

What Our Clients Say

We use them to support several of our key OEM’s that include Construction, Rail, Agriculture and Oil & Gas markets. I’m confident that you would be very pleased in their performance if you were to select them as a supplier.

Machining Facility

AMERICAN Castings is a valued supplier of ours; great communication, great quality, and great people. AMERICAN Castings is a foundry you can partner with.

Michelin – Project Manager

We really feel that our business matters to AMERICAN Castings and they are always there with us to accept challenges. The Supplier demonstrates a strong business attitude and casting expertise with an easy team to work with.

Michelin – Category Sourcing Manager