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Industries Served

AMERICAN Castings provides ferrous casting for a wide range of industries, including agriculture, construction & forestry, mining, industrial, transportation and infrastructure.

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AMERICAN Castings is equipped to produce ferrous castings in complex sizes and shapes, giving us the ability to manufacture a variety of materials that are useful for many applications.

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From frames to wheels to boom mounts and many things in between, AMERICAN Castings is here for all your casting needs. Let us provide you with what you need to get the job done.

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  • What are your molding capabilities?

    American Castings provides flexibility with 2 mold lines allowing customers to reduce their supply base by bringing complete projects to one location:

    Herman Green Sand Line for 35 to 1,000-pound castings; flask size 42” x 72” x 24”/24” with the ability to run a half plate capable of producing 40 molds per hour on average

    Vulcan No-Bake Line for 500 to 3,500-pound castings; mold sizes up to 120” x 66” x 19”/19” with the ability to build custom mold sizes and capable of averaging 10 molds per hour

  • What is your casting size range?

    35 to 3,500-pounds

  • What types of metal do you cast?



    • 60-40-18
    • 65-45-12
    • 80-55-06
    • 100-70-03




    • CLASS 20
    • CLASS 25
    • CLASS 30
    • CLASS 35
    • CLASS 40


    ASTM grades listed are for illustrative purpose only. Customer specific grades are available upon request

  • What is the approximate turnaround time for an order?

    Upon approval of pattern equipment, AMERICAN Castings can have production parts to the customer within approximately 6 weeks for many orders.

  • What information do you need from me to quote on my project?

    The sales representative will discuss project details with you, including drawings and/or models, casting weight, use of existing or new tooling, type(s) of iron required, quality standards that apply, production quantity and estimated annual usage.

  • How can your modeling capability benefit my project?

    Our engineers can simulate your casting, specific to material and chemistry, to predict its transition from liquid to solid state. Known as solidification modeling, this tool helps identify trouble areas related to shrinkage or metal flow and provides information for improving a design before it enters production.

  • What quality assurance measures do you take?

    From receipt of raw materials to final inspection of your product, American Castings uses a certified quality assurance system to ensure the casting meets or exceeds the mutually agreed upon quality standard. The analytical laboratory is equipped with the latest tools for sand, metallurgical and mechanical testing. The sand testing system includes the latest advancements in electronics, sensors, and digital process technology to yield accurate and repeatable results. In addition, American Castings’ sand lab compares its test results to supplier testing results as an extra measure of accuracy, consistency and control. Metallurgical and mechanical analysis of carefully prepared samples document the microstructure, chemical, strength and elasticity properties of the metal and confirm that the product meets or exceeds customer and applicable industry standards. 

  • Do you have a quality policy statement?

    Value, Delivery & Quality…on American soil!

  • What customer services do you provide?

    Our order administrators track the details of your order from start to finish. They use a powerful customer service tool for fast access to information about the status of your order through all phases, including inventory and outside processing. Our sales and administrative team will work with you to support your project needs by problem solving and providing solutions.


What Our Clients Say

AMERICAN Castings is a valued supplier of ours; great communication, great quality, and great people. AMERICAN Castings is a foundry you can partner with.

Michelin – Project Manager

We really feel that our business matters to AMERICAN Castings and they are always there with us to accept challenges. The Supplier demonstrates a strong business attitude and casting expertise with an easy team to work with.

Michelin – Category Sourcing Manager

Looking back to the 1st piece sample to the current product received in, the associates at AMERICAN Castings continue to provide the same level of product and due diligence in every casting made. The Quality placed in your process is greatly appreciated by everyone involved in the project. Job Well Done by EVERYONE at AMERICAN Castings from the front to back...Thank You!

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