The ability to develop castings in complex shapes and many sizes utilizing a variety of materials with unique properties helps AMERICAN Castings play a key role in many vital industries.

From axle housings to Z-bar couplers, when you need a trusted and experienced manufacturer of custom castings in the 35 to 3,500-pound size range, contact AMERICAN Castings. We specialize in medium- to high-volume production orders for highly engineered castings requiring complex coring assemblies. Gray and ductile iron is produced in a variety of grades. We will supply castings that meet or exceed your specifications. Axles, frames, housings, stabilizer legs — whatever your needs, we are happy to explore the possibilities with you.




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What Our Clients Say

We really feel that our business matters to AMERICAN Castings and they are always there with us to accept challenges. The Supplier demonstrates a strong business attitude and casting expertise with an easy team to work with.

Michelin – Category Sourcing Manager

AMERICAN Castings has proven to deliver on their promises. In the event of challenges to supply, they are transparent, aggressive problem solvers, and committed to their customers.

Agricultural OEM

AMERICAN Castings continues to earn our business in this competitive environment and stands out from their competition not only in the metrics noted but with their world class customer focus.

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