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We reduce human error and produce precise results through automation. For example, our patterns are barcoded for standardization and traceability. The barcode is scanned at pattern setup which recalls the exact settings for production. Each part number has a specific “recipe” including machine parameters that when loaded, produce a consistent product.

Our fully automated paint line runs continuous tests for pH or acidity levels automatically adding chemicals as needed. There are conductivity meters in various stages of the rinsing and in our anolyte tanks, flushing when a set point is reached. Our automatic rectifier measures the load and adjusts voltage accordingly so we can closely control paint thickness. Finally, these results are automatically populated and monitored by a quality control plan ensuring product conformance.

In our grind shop, robotic grinders achieve uniform results cost effectively. They can grind castings up to 2,000-pounds in weight.

What Our Clients Say

AMERICAN Castings continues to earn our business in this competitive environment and stands out from their competition not only in the metrics noted but with their world class customer focus.

Machining Facility

Looking back to the 1st piece sample to the current product received in, the associates at AMERICAN Castings continue to provide the same level of product and due diligence in every casting made. The Quality placed in your process is greatly appreciated by everyone involved in the project. Job Well Done by EVERYONE at AMERICAN Castings from the front to back...Thank You!

Machining Facility

As a casting supplier to Acme Industries for over twelve years, AMERICAN Castings is a strategic supplier to us. We value the relationship we have with them.

Strategic Sourcing Manager