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Value, delivery and quality…on American Soil. Quality is built into our creed at AMERICAN Castings. Our reputation with our customers has been built on our track record for quality castings. The Quality Assurance team here ensures consistent results and works to enhance productivity and output. Our system is ISO 9001:2015 certified and includes:


The analytical laboratory is equipped with the latest tools for sand, metallurgical and mechanical testing. The sand testing includes the latest advancements in electronics, sensors, and digital process technology to yield accurate and repeatable results. Our sand lab compares its test results to supplier testing results as an extra measure of accuracy, consistency and control. Metallurgical and mechanical analysis of carefully prepared samples document the microstructure, chemical, strength, and elasticity properties of the metal and confirm that the product meets or exceeds customer and applicable industry standards.

  • Spectrographic analysis of molten iron samples from each ladle ensures accurate chemical composition
  • Foundry sand is tested to ensure it has the correct properties needed to result in a high quality casting
  • Mechanical and physical properties are tested to evaluate the casting for compliance with specified requirements
  • Image analysis verifies iron microstructure and provides digital image documentation for the customer


  • Ultrasonic testing is used for flaw detection and to verify iron nodularity and wall thickness
  • Faro touch probe and laser scan capabilities provide dimensional verification
  • In-house radiography with certified technicians allow accurate and efficient review of product integrity
  • X-ray image on film (radiograph) provides a permanent record of the casting’s quality

What Our Clients Say

Looking back to the 1st piece sample to the current product received in, the associates at AMERICAN Castings continue to provide the same level of product and due diligence in every casting made. The Quality placed in your process is greatly appreciated by everyone involved in the project. Job Well Done by EVERYONE at AMERICAN Castings from the front to back...Thank You!

Machining Facility

AMERICAN Castings has been a supplier to our facility for many years. Over the course of our relationship, AMERICAN Castings has consistently scored outstanding on their Supplier Metrics of Quality, Delivery, Cost Competitiveness and Engineering Support.

Machining Facility

AMERICAN Castings continues to earn our business in this competitive environment and stands out from their competition not only in the metrics noted but with their world class customer focus.

Machining Facility