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The heart of our foundry, our melt department, utilizes high-temperature induction melting furnaces that can melt up to 300-tons per day. AMERICAN Castings’ specialized metallurgists monitor every crucial step in the melting process so that the final cast product has the exact mechanical and chemical properties called for. We have:

  • 3 IT9 ABB Induction Melt Furnaces (23 tons each)
  • 3 ABB IRV9 35-Ton Holding Furnaces
  • Vennetta Preheater/Charging System
  • Teapot Pouring Ladles
  • Energy Management System to control peak demands to help contain electricity costs

What Our Clients Say

AMERICAN Castings has proven to deliver on their promises. In the event of challenges to supply, they are transparent, aggressive problem solvers, and committed to their customers.

Agricultural OEM

AMERICAN Castings is a valued supplier of ours; great communication, great quality, and great people. AMERICAN Castings is a foundry you can partner with.

Michelin – Project Manager

AMERICAN Castings is a top-notch supplier. Great quality, exceptional communication, and easy to work with. A valuable company supplier we want to grow with.

Commercial Analyst