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Proper molding requires skill and training. AMERICAN Castings has that experience and expertise. Our molding capabilities include:

Herman Green Sand Line

Herman Green Sand Line for 50 to 1,000-pound castings; flask size 42” x 72” x 24”/24” with the ability to run a half plate capable of producing 40 molds per hour on average.

Vulcan No-Bake Line

Vulcan No-Bake Line for 500 to 3,500-pound castings; mold sizes up to 120” x 66” x 19”/19” with the ability to build custom mold sizes and capable of averaging 10 molds per hour.

What Our Clients Say

We really feel that our business matters to AMERICAN Castings and they are always there with us to accept challenges. The Supplier demonstrates a strong business attitude and casting expertise with an easy team to work with.

Michelin – Category Sourcing Manager

As a casting supplier to Acme Industries for over twelve years, AMERICAN Castings is a strategic supplier to us. We value the relationship we have with them.

Strategic Sourcing Manager

We use them to support several of our key OEM’s that include Construction, Rail, Agriculture and Oil & Gas markets. I’m confident that you would be very pleased in their performance if you were to select them as a supplier.

Machining Facility