The ability to develop castings in complex shapes and many sizes utilizing a variety of materials with unique properties helps AMERICAN Castings play a key role in many vital industries such as:


Agriculture is the oldest industry in the world. It remains essential to our survival. Many challenges are common to agricultural castings:  harsh conditions, large loads and evolving technology. Durability and productivity are key qualities of modern farm equipment.  They must be able to resist and withstand abrasion, dirt, and extreme force.


Railroads are the most efficient transportation mode for moving goods today. In order to keep them running smoothly and on time, industry innovations rely on casting solutions. We ensure performance and reliability with our products that are often a cheaper alternative to steel.

Energy-Renewable, Mining, Oil 

Harnessing energy often requires building reliable casting components such as hubs and housings.  These castings must be able to bear weight and movement and are sometimes intricate in shape and form.  Durable castings are relied upon in the mining industry to dig minerals and ore out of the ground, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, while enduring some of the harshest conditions on Earth.

Refining, storing and moving petroleum products in the oil field requires castings that provide high resistance to corrosion and wear for demanding applications.


Of all infrastructure types, water is the most fundamental to life and is vital to households, industry, government, and commercial business. We cast valves that deliver water and help protect property and human life through fire suppression.

Construction & Forestry

Strength and durability of iron castings are a key component of machines, parts, building materials, and other items construction workers need on the job site to do quality work.  The ability to withstand heavy loads and pressures make castings important for safety and reliability in the construction industry.


Forklift trucks have revolutionized the storage and shipping of goods in various workplaces. They facilitate the production of goods creating increased efficiencies. They are the workhorses of the material handling industry that handle large loads and are under heavy usage. Durability is a must. Our quality castings help ensure that these powerful pieces of equipment keep working!

What Our Clients Say

AMERICAN Castings continues to earn our business in this competitive environment and stands out from their competition not only in the metrics noted but with their world class customer focus.

Machining Facility

AMERICAN Castings has proven to deliver on their promises. In the event of challenges to supply, they are transparent, aggressive problem solvers, and committed to their customers.

Agricultural OEM

High ratings for depth of technical competence in complex ductile iron casting geometries. Ability to rapidly work with 3D printing technology with internal pattern making capability.

Meritor - Supplier Quality Engineer