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We are building a culture of safety at AMERICAN Castings.

Safety is a shared value and we seek to create an environment where our employees are accountable for their own safety and of those around them. We want our people to return home safely every day.

We have a safety management system that includes management leadership, worker participation, hazard assessment, prevention and control, education, training, and continuous evaluation and process improvement in all these areas to ensure effectiveness and performance and to help identify deficiencies and opportunities for improvement. This incudes written and implemented safety policies and procedures. Safety is a core organizational value and management is fully committed to continuously improving workplace safety and health performance. Our safety management system conforms to OSHA standards and guidelines.

What Our Clients Say

As a casting supplier to Acme Industries for over twelve years, AMERICAN Castings is a strategic supplier to us. We value the relationship we have with them.

Strategic Sourcing Manager

AMERICAN Castings has proven to deliver on their promises. In the event of challenges to supply, they are transparent, aggressive problem solvers, and committed to their customers.

Agricultural OEM

AMERICAN Castings is a top-notch supplier. Great quality, exceptional communication, and easy to work with. A valuable company supplier we want to grow with.

Commercial Analyst