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Our employees are our greatest asset. That is why we invest in training and development of our employees. We look to maximize the potential of our employees and provide them with opportunities to effectively handle problems and advance their career. We want our our people to feel valued and trusted.

In addition to on the job specialized training, we offer educational assistance for technical, industrial and undergraduate coursework.

AMERICAN Castings Cares

AMERICAN Castings understands that in addition to training employees to be more productive and prosperous in the workplace that promotion of overall wellbeing is just as important. In an effort to support our employees we offer:


Employees have the opportunity to become a member of a support team, entirely funded, organized, and ran by employees to provide assistance to fellow employees in times of need.


We want to see our employees work at or close to their full potential. This is a program to assist employees cope with issues affecting their ability to reach that potential.


We provide a personal support service for all employee and immediate family members. They are available 24/7, make regular worksite visits, and upon invitation will visit your home, a hospital, nursing home or funeral home. In addition being able to discuss confidential issues such as stress, parenting, marriage, financial concerns, addiction, aging parents, serious illness and more, they provide care for grief, family deaths and funerals.

What Our Clients Say

High ratings for depth of technical competence in complex ductile iron casting geometries. Ability to rapidly work with 3D printing technology with internal pattern making capability.

Meritor - Supplier Quality Engineer

AMERICAN Castings is a top-notch supplier. Great quality, exceptional communication, and easy to work with. A valuable company supplier we want to grow with.

Commercial Analyst

AMERICAN Castings has proven to deliver on their promises. In the event of challenges to supply, they are transparent, aggressive problem solvers, and committed to their customers.

Agricultural OEM